Sol y La Luna -

I am SOL

you are LUNA

   & tonight - 

as we lay here, 

with the EARTH between us 

me on top - gazing down at you -

     I notice 

         the waves of the moonlight 

         sparkling from your eyes. 

I want to touch the surface 

of your curves - 

meet the edge of your sanity 

meet the depths of your insanity 

explore all your phases -

     & not just your FULL MOON

I want more than your FULL MOON

      I want you - & tonight I’ll have you.

            I felt our lips meet with anticipation.

                         my body shakes

                & releases ecstasy of inspiration.

I am warmed by the light 

of the FULL MOON - I️ am cleansed.

surface  -

hidden parts of SHE
began unraveling to the surface 

the moment her eyes reached the sun. 

sometimes the heat of the moment reveals one’s essence. 

& her essence is truly divine

just like her smile - a ray of fucking sunshine. 

SHE is existing - living her truth, 

becoming impeccable.

the sun glorifies her

admiring how bold - how comfortable - how beautiful SHE is. 

I am not hesitate to show her the truth -

 yes ...

this is my confession -

                  I do not love you -

I do not love you as if you were not a wilted

flower whose thorns were not picked away -

   I grasp those thorns with my bare hands.

deep cuts - open wounds - dripping blood

accepting all parts of you -

because I understand that the

                 rain isn’t always pouring.

                 I understand that the

                 sun isn’t always shining.

love does not always release the sweetest fragrance
and that’s why I love you and that’s how I am going to love you -
rejoicing your truth and wanting you deeply rooted in my soul -
wanting to be deeply rooted in yours.

    so yes ..

this is my confession -

                  I do love you ...

I love you as if you wilted - bloomed - wilted and bloomed again.