The Gallery

I find myself having a lingering lust for this couple, that keeps eyeing me, across the gallery. There was no language barrier between the three of us, because body language told it all. She is wearing a long lace black dress with black pumps. He is wearing Khaki bottoms and a black button up. She is undressing me with her eyes and he is helping her. He is wearing Khaki bottoms and a black button up. 

She is undressing me with her eyes and he is helping her. The thought of wanting to know what they are truly thinking turns me on and settles between my thighs. They have no idea who they are lusting after. I have an obsession - I love being fucked, especially by couples. 

Tonight is the opening of my first solo exhibition show, and I couldn’t be any happier. I am feeling on top of the world right now. I am filled with so much love. Everyone has been approaching me the entire night to congratulate me and tell me how much they appreciate my work. Everyone except for this couple that keeps pursuing me with their eyes.

Maybe it’s this lavender silk dress that I have on tonight that’s drawing them in. My nipple piercings are visible right now. The woman nudges the man she is with, on the arm, and then points at me, while biting down on her bottom lip. It was the sexist shit I had ever seen. I want to approach them, but I want to see how bad they really want me. So I’ll wait ..

I turn my attention towards one of my photographs that is hanging on the wall. I admire my own work, because if I don’t who will. This is one of my favorite pieces that I shot. Its titled, Crave. The woman in the photograph represents every vulnerable piece of me.

“Crave .. I crave to make you quiver.” The sound of a soft spoken woman’s voice trickles behind me. I feel her presence. The excitement of her energy excites me.

“You crave to make me quiver, but how will we get there if I don’t even know you.”

“You can get to know me. I mean that is, if you're interested in wanting to know what your moans sound like to the rhythm of my tongue strokes.”

I release a low moan from my lips. “Damn. Seems like you been thinking about this all night.” I say knowing this is the woman who was eyeing me from across the room.

“I might of had my eyes on you.” She steps besides me and I turn to meet her face to face. My goodness she is beautiful. Her almond butter skin made me feel warm. Her deep brown eyes are diamond shaped and fits her heart shaped head.

“Is that your boyfriend over there” I say as I point over to the man she was standing with earlier.

“My husband.”

“Does he know that you are flirting with “He encourages my urges.”

“Does he join in on your urges?”

“If the energy is right. If that’s what the woman pleases?” I smirk and look back at my photograph.

“What do you want the most baby girl?” She speaks.

“ be felt.” I faintly whisper.

“I feel you through your photographs. Especially this one. I’ve been following your work for a while now. You spark something in me.”

Damn, this woman is smooth, she knows the way to my panties.

“I was excited to see that you were showing. I was showing you and you work off to my husband. He is also very fond of you.”

“Did you come here with the intent of fucking me?”

“Would you like for me to be honest?”

“Completely honest.”

“I want you …” she turns to me and I turn my head to hers. Love settles into her eyes. “I’ve wanted you for so long. I want to make love to your entire existence and show you how good love feels.” She gives me a peck on the lips.

“Do you realize what you have started?” I say.

“I can handle whatever you give me.”

I’m turned the fuck on. I’m ready to fuck this woman right here - right now. I don’t care who's watching, but maybe I should since this is my first showing.

I whisper in her ear. “Meet me right here after theshow.” I walk away from her. I can feel her staring me down, so I turn around and speak again. “Oh & tell your husband that he is more than

welcomed to join.” I swiftly walk away and disappear into the crowd. I didn’t want her or her husband to see the excitement in my face.

It’s 8:45 pm and the show is over. It was a success, I sold almost everything, but I couldn’t get my favorite photograph, Crave, to sell. It made me feel a bit sad inside to know that this photograph isn’t going on someone elses wall.

“why do you photograph women?”

I look back and see the man from across the room. I smile at him.

“You and your wife like approaching women from behind.”

He laughs. “No pun intended.”

I laugh with him. “I love women. They excite me.” I say as I put my back against the wall. “What’s not to love about them. Their grace - their poise. The way women carry themselves just makes me vulnerable. I love 

scents & your wife...” A big smile forms across my face. “Your wife smells so good - her scent made me weak earlier.” “Yeah she smells like honey. I love it and her.”

We sit in silence for a few more seconds. “What excites you about men?” He asks.

“I love men hands and how they make me feel. I like being grasped by them. It makes me feel a sense of protection.”

“What excites you about me?”

“Your shoulders.” I say with no hesitation and close my eyes. “I imagine you picking me up and fucking me against the wall with your skin pressed against mines.” I moan to my own nasty thoughts. “Damn it feels as if you’re already close to me.” I open my eyes and there he was -nose to nose, lips barely touching. His dick was hard, I felt him on my thigh.

“started the fun without me babe?” The woman in the long lace black dress spoke out loud as she hugged her husband from behind. “Mhmm is that lavender I smell?”

“You can smell it better if you got a little closer to me beautiful.” I say as I pull her husband into me more and start tonguing him down. I know me kissing him is fucking turning her on. I like being watched. To know that I’m turning you on drives me wild.

His wife met our lips and somehow we are sustaining a three way make out session. She somehow manages to slowly make her way down my body. I feel her tongue slide across my harden nipples as her husband places his hands softly around each of my breast. I then felt the warmth of her tongue across my belly button. My clit is now swollen.

She lifts my lavender silk dress pass my thighs and above my hips. She slides my lace thong to the side and begins to eat the fuck out of my pussy. She got me extremely hot and moist. I feel her husband holding me from behind, sucking on my neck and playing with my nipples. I am loving all of this attention. 

10 Minutes passes by with my uncontrollable moans. I feel myself about to cum so I try to grip onto something but all I’m grasping onto is air. I feel his fingers pressing hard against my clit, my body can’t take it anymore. I fucking cum all in her mouth and fall to the floor. She laughs at me.

“Can he fuck you?” She moans. “From behind?”

“Don’t ask just do whatever you want to me.” I say.

She begins removing her husbands clothes and his bare chest looks so yummy. I watch her give him head and my oh my, the look in his eyes made me cum again. I want a taste of him so I lick the side of his dick. She then grabs my head and pushes his dick to the back of my throat.

Her husband quickly picks me up, bends me over and fucks me from behind. His wife was underneath me - watching me. She cups my face and speaks. ‘You are so goddamn beautiful. I want you to be mine.’ I moan a little louder because of her words. “I’m buying your photograph tonight.”

There was a reason why my photograph didn’t get sold earlier. It was because I was suppose to be getting fucked underneath it and guess what? I’m getting fucked underneath my photograph in the art gallery.