The Dream Catcher

The dream catcher spiraled around my head as I had drifted off and shut my eyes to wake up to herbeauty. 

I was dreaming of her last night. 

& I could have sworn her presence 

was more than just in my mind. 

Wow! If I was being true to myself, I must praise her form in every way possible. I must say, the way that she carries herself is the most compelling. The moment I opened my eyes - I saw her looking at me. Her eyes were warm - she was searching me out as I was sitting across the bedroom on the brown wooden chair. She was sitting on the bed underneath the dream catcher. 

Green plants surround the bed and a big window, with a black frame shows the beauty of the city behind her. There was also a bookcase and a vase filled with lavender flowersnear. 

She sat there. Back straight, legs crossed - wearing gray sweatpants and a white tank top. Her hair sat on her shoulders and out of her face, shaping her defined bone structure. Fuck!!! Her warm brown skinlooked so soft and her fragrance lingered in the room. 

I had became so overwhelmed- I was vulnerable and spoke the words, “you’re beautiful.”
I slowly opened my eyes and saw the dream catcherabove my head. That dream about that woman was subtle, but her energy was felt.