Our First Date

the softness she had in her eyes 
was the giveaway.
she reveled her innocence to me 
    & I had felt a rush of compassion 
    fill my heart.
all I wanted to do was hold her. 
    her wounds were left open 
   - unhealed, untouched - 
       ready to be kissed.
so I had imagined I kissed her welts
and I had imagined I held her close
and I had imagined it was only us 
the way that that woman had pierced 
her eyes at me, told me that she had 
felt my existence feel for hers - 
& all she ever wanted was 
to be was heard.
& all I wanted was her to be heard. 
her. me. love. life. time. existence.
& that cup that sat between us, 
filled with water - 
on our first date -
our first date was the only confirmation I needed to know that she deserves the tenderness that she so openly gives