my husband's lover.

I am in love with love. It fulfills my every needs and gives me a euphoric warmth in my heart. I am pleasured by watching others give each other adoration. That is why I love my husbands relationship with his boyfriend. 

I fell in love with the way they reciprocated their passion towards one another. Their communication - their interaction, it electrifies me. I’m always aroused when they are around me. & when I’m not around I always ask my husband for details. As I lay next to my resting husband, I stare at his smooth honey, brown skin, and smile at the thought of his evening. Him and his boyfriend had a romantic dinner planned here at our home. I was able to join the festivities by admiring from across the room. 

All evening, through the cracked door, I watched them, from my office, flirt with each other - kiss each other - touch each other and become vulnerable with one another. It was so fucking beautiful, that I almost cried.

I was sliding my long brown cardigan off my shoulders when my husband called me out into the den room with him and his lover. I met him in there and greeted both of them with a smile. 

“Hey handsome.” I said and kissed my man on the lips. 

They both had smiled at me with lust in their eyes.

“Well we are both feeling a bit eager to touch each other, but I, well we wanted you here, because we know you’re nasty as fuck and love watching.”

I giggled. My husband is the sweetest man alive. They both had been so thoughtful to have included me. 

“come here.” my husband's lover had whispered to him, as he motioned his finger to signal him come closer. “You wanna make daddy feel good?” My husband shook his head yes and his lover unzipped his pants.

I watched him bless my husbands mouth, with such devotion, as he gripped onto the back of his strong neck, fulfilling both their cravings. I moaned at the sounds of their groans, my pussy was wet.

They were making love to each other & my husband transferred his energy over to me - making love to me and I didn’t even have to join them to know what their fucking felt like - because I felt it. I felt every bit of it.