Each one of these pieces were made with set intentions.
I wanted to express the desire of wanting to be embraced
by a love so genuine and so deep and so passionately.

  • The Study of; Fabric, Love, Emotions, Women, & Flowers

“I’m craving romance and intimacy, not even just sex.” Love has shaped and evolved me into  ways that I couldn’t even imagined. When I say love, I mean love from all aspects; platonic, intimate, affectionate, self love, unconditional, romantic, obsessive love. Love has been and still is healing for me. There was a woman, who I felt really attracted to, and she once told me “I don’t know who you are? You literally know me and my stories. I tell you all my problems, but I don’t know anything about you. What are you struggling with, you’re always in a good place. What’s wrong with you, I know you’re not always good. You’re not vulnerable enough.” When I heard that, it immediately hit me. It hit me so hard because I thought that I was a vulnerable person. I thought that I was giving myself to lovers - but I wasn’t. I was hiding behind this facade. I wasn’t revealing myself to people for the simple fact that I was hiding the love experiences that I wanted for myself. I was taught to not trust, I was also shown not to trust - so I don’t trust, but I want love.